Afrostream is a service of subscription video on demand (SVOD) for African American, Afro-Caribbean and African movies and series. It aims to address a demand so far ignored by video on demand platforms, both in developed and emerging countries.

Developing the video on demand market in Africa

Potential of the video on demand market in emerging countries is promising but untapped yet, primarily due to barriers of connectivity, rate of display equipment, payment, and especially lack of offer.

The combined growth in the penetration of mobile internet, smartphones, mobile money services as well as the growth of the local production of content, allows a player like Afrostream to launch a service which addresses a growing demand.The streaming SVOD service of Afrostream is already available on all smart screens in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Senegal and Ivory Coast. Its catalog is for the whole family and includes, in addition to films and series, cartoons, concerts and documentaries.

Leveraging its presence in Africa but also in European countries with large diasporas, Orange wants to work with the start-up to facilitate the development of Afrostream by bringing its expertise in terms of networks, distribution and payment. Afrostream was accompanied by Orange Fab France and the Silicon Valley accelerator, YCombinator.

Pierre Louette, Deputy CEO of Orange and President of Orange Digital Ventures said: “This investment is representative of the logic of ODV fund: capable of responding to the request of several geographical areas in which the group is present. It will allow us to develop the video on demand market particularly in Africa, but also to enrich the supply of content we already offer to our customers in France.”

Tonje Bakang, CEO of Afrostream said: “The future of television is through mobile. With this strategic investment of Orange, Afrostream now combines the best of the mobile internet and the best of African content. This unprecedented alliance will allow us to revolutionize the entertainment industry and to target all audiences.”