• Sectors we invest in

  • New Connectivities

    Disruptive access platforms & network intelligence virtualization
    > Mesh & Overlay Network, P2P, High-Altitude Platforms, Sponsored Data…
  • Enterprise Cloud & Data

    Digital transformation and virtualization of enterprises IT
    > Cloud, Big Data, Collaboration, Security…
  • FinTech

    Disruptive financial services and technology
    > Crowdfunding, Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking, Cryptocurrencies…
  • Internet of Things

    Technology and software that creates value on top of hardware
    > Smart Home, Smart City, Platforms, APIs...
  • New business models in Africa and the Middle East

    Orange Digital Ventures Africa to invest into innovative services and business models focused on markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Getting started

If you’d like to move forward and apply for Orange Digital Venture’s funding, the details below will help you complete your application and will provide us with a better understanding of your startup. Please send us a presentation including the following information:

  • General information (history, number of employees, geographical location)
  • Presentation of the business
  • Market and competitive advantages
  • Achievements to date (partnerships, revenue)
  • Capital structure
  • Funding sought

Feel free to add anything else you’re proud of, and once your application is complete, submit it to us. We’ll get back to you within
30 days.

Talk to you soon! / Thank you!