Chain enables to create, manages and transfers digital assets through the Blockchain’s technology. The company’s platform includes also a whole set of tools for developers to create pilot services over the Blockchain (SDK, API, sandbox).

The Blockchain innovation serving major institutions

The Blockchain is a new model of information and digital assets transfer, replacing middle-men by ultra-secured encrypted distributed networks. This technology enables assets owners to instantly and securely conduct any transfer. This technology makes it easier to transfer a whole lot of assets, such as financial stocks, gift cards, mobile units, reward points, or even energy units. Transactions are automatically registred on a public ledger shared by the whole network, improving the transparency of the system for the issuers, owners and regulators of these assets. Morevoer, the presence and use of encrypted signatures tails off the overall risks, strenghtens protection against fraud, and turns over-blockchain transfers into a realistic alternative to traditional centralized services available today.

Chain is closely tight to several major global institutions to conceive, spread out and make the most of blockchain networks specially created for specific assets and markets. These private networks which don’t use bitcoin currency but are based on the same open protocol, are interoperable between them and/or with other open source blockchain protocols.

“We are convinced by the potential of disruption of the blockchain. Becoming one of the Chain’s key partners will enable us to learn faster and to quickly set up pilots dealing with the blockchain technology, says Pierre Louette, Deputy CEO of Orange and President of Orange Digital Ventures. We would like to integrate all the use cases enabled by this system to our range of activites to improve our existing services and propose new services to our clients.”

Adam Ludwin, Chain CEO, declared: “We are pleased to partner with Orange to explore the use cases of Blockchain in the telecommunication market. We believe that these new networks will simplify data transfer between carriers and activate new services that will make it possible to improve the end-user experience.”