Datami is a key-player in “sponsored data”. It provides advertisers, businesses and service vendors with a solution that allows them to increase visibility around their products and services on mobile sites and applications, while funding end users’ mobile data consumption. This solution is based on an innovative monetization platform that allows operators to dynamically integrate usage into the billing in a similar way to a toll-free number This model opens up a wide range of applications such as sponsored access to mobile sites, “data reward” offers, contextualized mobile advertising, or BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”), all of which will give customers more freedom to benefit from the power of 4G.

Orange Digital Ventures participated in a fund raising round of 10 million dollars, that will allow DataMi to finance its growth on all continents, particularly in areas of rapid growth in terms of adoption of the mobile Internet, with the aim of becoming a leader in smart mobile monetisation.