KissKissBankBank Technologies

KissKissBankBank Technologies is the French leader in crowdfunding. The young start-up offers three online platforms, each in response to different funding requirements: KissKissBankBank offers individuals the possibility of helping artists or young designers finance their projects in exchange for non-financial compensation; Hellomerci is the leading player in peer-to-peer lending for solidarity projects and associations; and Lendopolis is an innovative platform for loans to companies from individuals and corporations, compensated with annual interest rates of between 5% and 12%. In a fast-growing crowdfunding market throughout Europe, KissKissBankBank draws on collective intelligence and web-based solidarity to respond quickly and efficiently to individuals’ or businesses’ financing requirements. Orange Digital Ventures is the lead investor in a programme to raise 5.3 million euros in KissKissBankBank alongside Xange and private investors. These resources will enable the start-up to accelerate its growth in the highly dynamic French crowd-lending market. For more information: