Actility is a leading provider of network solutions and managed information systems for the Internet of Things (IoT), partnering with several leading carriers worldwide. They build a fully integrated software platform for nationwide IoT services, offering ready-to-go IoT connectivity, data and devices management solutions, plus a full set of ready-to-sell applications, in a unique combination of assets to federate this nascent ecosystem.

Federate the ecosystem on top of connectivity

Today’s wireless technologies are not optimized for IoT applications which require sensors to be low power and able to run on a battery with very little maintenance. Actility’s ThingPark is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network built on the LoRaWAN standard, developed and supported by the LoRa™ Alliance, which technology was chosen for Orange until the standardisation of future cell networks is operational. LoRaWAN networks address the three critical elements required for IoT networks connecting billions of devices: low power, long range and low cost.

ThingPark represents the first end-to-end, LoRaWAN interoperable platform to serve the IoT market for every use case. The French based company is operating everywhere in the world. [partenaire / partenaire]

Orange is investing in Actility alongside several other companies, including Ginko Ventures, the European investment fund of Foxconn, the telcos KPN and Swisscom, BPI, Electranova and Truffle. In total, the consortium is investing 22.5 million euros in Actility.

The investment will allow Actility to accelerate its go-to-market strategy for ThingPark, its open standard IoT network solution; funding its operational resources, building a high level of service and continuing to develop technology partnerships to foster a healthy ecosystem.

As a strategic investor, Orange Digital Ventures will be represented both on Actility’s Board of Directors and its Strategic advisory committee, enabling the company to benefit from the Orange Group’s technological and commercial expertise, and to ensure the coherence of its development with ongoing initiatives in the Group concerning connected objects.

Pierre Louette, Orange’s Deputy CEO who is also responsible for Orange Digital Ventures said: “Actility’s connected objects platform is based on bringing together its open service approach with the power of networks. This clearly corresponds to the ambition of Orange Digital Ventures to invest in actors that are developing innovative digital services that contribute to change our customers experience and answer the changing desires and needs of our customers. The Internet of Things is an extremely promising new market and it is important for Orange to support the start-ups and developers who are currently working on services that will become part of our future.”