We’re true partners

Orange Digital Ventures is the strategic Corporate Venture Fund of the Orange Group. It is an early-stage, risk-oriented Corporate Fund whose primary goal is to accelerate your path to success.

We are headquartered in Paris (France), but with offices in London (England) and Dakar (Senegal). We invest globally, with proactive detection and sourcing wherever Orange operates. Orange Digital Ventures was founded in 2015.
Orange Group Executive Committee members are directly involved in Orange Digital Ventures’ Steering Committee. This ensures strong alignment with Orange’s global strategy and guarantees valuable interactions for entrepreneurs with our executive leaders.

Research & Innovation according to Orange

Orange Digital Ventures is closely linked to the Orange group’s global ambition in terms of research and innovation.

We rely on an international network of leading Engineers, Technicians, Designers and Marketers in 12 countries and 4 continents – providing you with the targeted tools, resources, knowledge and expertise you need every step of the way.

Research and Innovation at Orange is: 5000+ experts, 7,385 patents and 2,300 software applications.

  • 5000+ experts
  • 7,385 patents
  • 2,300 software applications

Towards greater succes


Orange Digital Ventures gets involved in early-stage rounds. Funding rounds range from
€500,000 to €3 million.

We can lead and/or co-invest with no minimum ownership levels nor pre-set commercial agreements with Orange.

We simply comply with the applicable market standards for minority shareholders.
No more and no less.

Financial profitability is great, but supporting entrepreneurs as they succeed is even greater.
That’s why our ambition is to keep funding your growth if you need us to in the future.